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One link is many links!

Having just an online presense on the internet is not enough, you need to be visible, you need to have at least one web site and few dozen social media accounts. That means that you need one link for your site, and dozen links for your social media. It would be great if you could link your site, to your social media and vice versa. Unfortunately, most social media allow you to have one link in your profile and no links or a single link in your post.

Imagine the following scenario, you have an ecommerce site and you have one campaign running that you want to show to your audience. You create a post and a story on instagram, but you cannot add any clickable link. The only place you could place a link is your profile page, which accepts a single link. Now let's say you want to post your content on TikTok to make the campaign viral. That means that you need to update TikTok too. This becomes more and more complicated the more social media you use. So, you end up having to manage multiple links on various services.

We are not here to solve social media content synchronization, that's already solved by others. We are here to help you connect your social media profile and your web site under one link, that you update once.

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